Meeting Reports

The last QAADNET Meeting was held on Saturday 28th February 2015

at Friends Meeting House Westminster
52 St Martin’s Lane (Hop Gardens Entrance)
London WC2N 4EA
The theme was: What is the best we can do? ‘Close others’ and addiction


QAADNET last met on:

Saturday 27th April 2013
The speaker was  Helena Chambers of QAAD (Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs)
and the topic was: Decriminalisation, a complex issue
We explored some of the different models of decriminalistion, and discussed our own perspectives on the most important problems faced by drug users, including those in the criminal justice system.
Responses from Friends who attended can [...]


QAADNET meeting 22nd October

Next meeting:  Speaker: Leigh Rushton of the helping agency Aquarius
The Priory Rooms, Bull Street Quaker Meeting House, Birmingham B4 6AF
22nd October 11.30 am – 3.30 pm
Dealing with an addiction involves considering past, present and future.  How do we find the most useful balance between them?  The meeting will aim to support and inform us as individuals, close others, and workers/volunteers in [...]


QAADNET Meeting 30th October, 2010

At this meeting we were delighted to welcome Dr David Marjot as our speaker.

‘Once we see addiction as a passionate love affair with the substance, then we need a new narrative…’ Jenny Cozens of Hexham Meeting gives an account of the day.


Alcohol – Helpful approaches

QAADNET Meeting Report 27th Feb, 2010
At this meeting we were delighted to welcome Professor Robin Touquet and Lianna Pim as our speakers.